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Holographic-Usui Reiki Classes: Levels I, II and III


Karuna Reiki® classes: Karuna l Practitioner, Karuna II Practitioner, Karuna Master


Specialized classes: Reiki and Crystals; Revitalizing Your Spirit through Nature; Sacred Spaces


Reiki Master Program


Healing Your Chakras: online class with Wise Woman University


Reiki individual sessions and mentoring


Inner Guidance Retreats in Muskoka


Bird Vibes meditation deck


Catherine Bastedo Bastedo Catherine Bastedo is a Usui-Holographic and Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher, international speaker, author and leader of retreats and workshops in Canada and the US. She helps clients develop their Inner Guidance using a holistic, intuitive approach. Catherine uses archetypes, myth and symbolism in nature to help her clients release and transmute old patterns and restore balance on all levels. She teaches Healing Your Chakras online at Wise Woman University, has been a Wellness Coach for cancer survivors, and has written two meditation decks of cards. Catherine holds a M.A. in Canadian Studies (Carleton University).


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Catherine Bastedo  • • 819-918-3436

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