Holographic Usui Reiki Courses


Holographic/Usui Reiki Level I:  one day

SELF DISCOVERY – Learn about the healer in you, and how to connect with Source energy.


The focus of Level I is self-healing and helping others. Holographic-Usui Reiki is taught as a three-part spiritual practice. The class covers the history of Reiki, the nature of the Reiki energy, the Reiki Ethics, the five principles or precepts, how to do a self-healing, and how to provide a session for others. In Level I Holographic-Usui Reiki you will also learn some energy basics – chakras, animal totems and how to connect with individual gifts of clairsentience, claircognisance, clairvoyance or clairaudience and the immense healing potential within each person.

Fee: $275


Holographic/Usui Reiki Level II: one day

MANIFESTATION – Learn 3 Reiki symbols and deepen your skills.

Note:  It is suggested that a student wait at least 21 days so that Level I can be fully integrated before taking Level II.


At Level II, the focus is learning three Japanese healing symbols and on sending Reiki from a distance (we must always get permission to send a distant healing).  You will learn these symbols in a fun, 3d/multi-dimensional visualization.  And you will learn to connect more with spiritual guidance, including the natural world. You will discuss clearing unwanted habits, empowering personal goals, listening to your Inner Voice, and manifesting spiritually guided change. You will practice doing a Holographic-Reiki session, both table Reiki and distance Reiki, and your abilities will be heightened. Fee: $325


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday's workshop. The group was awesome and the energy was lovely.- Bianca


Holographic/Usui Master Practitioner Level (R.M.P.): one day MASTERY – Learn the Master Symbol and practice self-mastery, harmony and joyful living.


With the Master Practitioner Level, the focus is development of a deeper understanding of Reiki and the Reiki precepts, integrating your 3-part spiritual practice more fully, and learning more about your connection to Nature and your totems.  You will learn and experience the Reiki Master Symbol, exchange ideas and concepts regarding mastery of the spiritual path, and look at your life to see where mastery is strong and where you can develop it further using Reiki.  You will also learn ways to open and close sacred space, to do the violet breath, and how to give a temporary attunement.  Fee: $375


Holographic/Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level (R.M.T.)


This Reiki Master Teacher Training Program will facilitate harmony, peace, joy, and inner contentment.  The program is about Self-Mastery, and will help you find ways to walk the practice and integrate the Reiki precepts into everyday living.


The program involves:

  • Embracing the relationship between yourself and the spiritually guided Universal Life Force;
  • Personal growth, building of self-esteem, courage, compassion and self-discipline;
  • Your commitment to making a difference, being a leader, working as a team and being part of a healing community;
  • Experiencing ways to develop your aptitude and ability to be a clear, perfect, grounded channel of love, bringing grace and spiritually guided energy to yourself and those around you.


You will learn all aspects of Reiki Master Teacher Training – everything from how to organize a class, to giving attunements, teaching course material, supporting your students during their process, and much, much more. This program is for those who wish to go beyond their hesitations and doubt and soar! Your gifts of spirit/essence will be encouraged, supported and fine-tuned.


The personal Master Teacher program with Catherine involves assisting with 3 Reiki classes; and a minimum of 3 one-hour individual sessions that provide support and mentoring. Each participant must complete 24 cases during their training period of generally six to twelve months.  You will explore other aspects of Reiki such as Reiki with crystals, techniques for clearing the chakras, and methods for protection.


The completion of Holographic-Usui Reiki I, II and Master Practitioner Level, along with the Reiki Master Teacher Program, lead to your certification by Catherine Bastedo as a Holographic-Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  You will also have fulfilled the learning requirements for Reiki Master(Teacher) level as stipulated by the Canadian Reiki Association.

Fee: $375


For further details and the application process, contact Catherine Bastedo at 819-918-3436 or email her at info@visionreiki.com.


Note. Students who have previously taken a class with Vision Reiki receive a 10% reduction. Reviewers – students who have taken Reiki I with Catherine Bastedo and wish to redo the class, may participate at half-price. Please email info@visionreiki.com for details regarding dates for the next classes, and for registration.




Karuna I Practitioner:

one day. $250

In Level I Practitioner, you will learn the origin and history of the Karuna system of Reiki and discuss Karuna and Spiritual Guidance.  You will learn 4 Karuna I symbols, including how to draw them, what they mean, and how to use them and be attuned to them.  You will have hands-on practice with the symbols, so that you know from experience what the energy of each symbol feels like, and you will practice giving Karuna Reiki sessions using Karuna I symbols that facilitate deep healing on the emotional level. In addition there will be meditations to assist in removing blockages and healing the the Heart.


Karuna II Practitioner:

one day. $250

In Karuna II you will learn 4 Karuna II level symbols, including how to draw them, what they mean, and how to use them.  You will be attuned to them and practice giving Karuna Reiki® sessions using Karuna II symbols.   You will have hands-on practice with the symbols, so that you know from experience what the energy of each symbol feels like, and experience additional exercises and meditations. You will learn how to use the symbols from Level I and Level II in various combinations, for the intended results desired, according to the situation and your own inner guidance. Meditations will accompany the practice and bring peace.


Karuna Reiki® Master Training: one day. $350

The Master Level adds 4 symbols and practice giving each of the attunements.  You will experience chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki® symbols; discuss teaching Karuna and the Registered Karuna Reiki Program.  There will be additional exercises and meditations.  At the end of the Master Level you will be certified and be yourself able to teach Karuna Reiki®.  Catherine will be available for further mentoring and guiding in your spiritual practice.


"The RMTT program has allowed me to get a more in-depth knowledge of Reiki and put into practice all that I have been taught. It has also given me the self-confidence and the assurance that I can help people with the skills and tools that I have learned in Reiki I, II and III." Catherine



Reiki & Crystals -

A one-day workshop, for anyone who has taken a Reiki Level I class. This workshop will demonstrate how Reiki combines powerfully with the pure vibration of healing crystals, which have been cleansed and charged with Reiki energy.  Learn about crystals, clearing crystals with Reiki, using them for meditation, holding Reiki sessions with different crystals and connecting them to energy centres. Bring your own crystals and get to know them better! For further information, please contact Catherine Bastedo.



Catherine Bastedo  • info@visionreiki.com • 819-918-3436

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