The Chakras and Reiki


The word "Chakra" is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, and refers to the energy centres in our body and consciousness. The chakras are not physical--they are aspects of consciousness.


The major chakras are located along the spinal column of the body, starting at your perineum and going up to the crown of your head. Each chakra is traditionally represented by a different colour of the rainbow, starting with red at the bottom, and going up to violet and then white. Some variations on these colour associations may be found. Each chakra represents parts of your physical body as well as parts of your consciousness, and each has different emotions, feelings, values, and belief patterns associated with it.



Ideally all the chakras should be balanced, open and spinning clockwise at a similar rate to each other. However, most of us have some chakras that are in better shape than others. They may be in overdrive, or even shut down. When you have tension in your body, it appears in that part of your consciousness experiencing the stress, and as well as in the part of your physical body associated with that particular chakras. The location of the stress is connected to the reason for the stress.


Working with the chakras during a Reiki session or a Holographic Energy session allows me to help you to balance your chakras, release tension, reduce or remove energy lockages and create a flow of energy through your body. Understanding the chakras allows you to understand the realtionship between your body and your consciousness, connects you to your HIgher Self, and helps you to better understand yourself and others.

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This opens up new portals! Thank you for your sharing and your wonderful energy. I feel so grounded and glowing for having completed was in my heart for a long long time....but now it is a reality. Janet

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