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My passion is helping people connect with the universal energy around them, to fulfill their dreams and follow their life path. I love teaching Reiki and holding Inner Guidance retreats in Muskoka.  I particularly enjoy coaching, guiding and mentoring Reiki students from the first class through a Reiki Master Program, so that they in turn can guide others. People come to me seeking direction, looking for help to clear blockages on all levels and improve the quality of their lives.


When I first took Reiki, I hoped to reduce my stress level, sleep better, and facilitate healing for my children when they needed something extra to soothe them, physically or emotionally.  Reiki helped with all of this, and I took the level II class of traditional Reiki soon after, to deepen my skills.  A few years later the fragility of life struck me, and I suddenly knew that I needed to increase my knowledge and develop my skills in Reiki.  When I discovered the excitement of Holographic Reiki, I took every class available, at the same time as I was leading a busy life both with my family and as the Executive Director of an international not for profit academic organization.  In 2007, I became a Reiki Master, published a meditation deck of cards, Bird Vibes, and set up my own company.


Presently, I am an accredited teacher in Usui-Holographic and Karuna Reiki ®.  I give sessions and teach, including an online class, Healing your Chakras.(LINK) I continue to write articles and have recently completed a new meditation deck.. The leadership roles I held as an executive in the Canadian Public Service and then as the Executive Director of the International Council for Canadian Studies, my educational background, extensive travels, and my natural intuition and love of nature, all guide me in helping people.


If you wish to talk with me about health issues on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, if you would like to learn Reiki or participate in a retreat, please contact me. If you have taken a Reiki class in the past but feel that you would benefit from redoing your class or having a Reiki mentor, I would love to assist you. Learn to tap into your inner guidance and connect more deeply with Source.  cbastedo@visionreiki.com.


Merci pour le bien immense que m’ont fait tes séances de Reiki.  La chaleur et la simplicité de ton accueil, tes bons soins  et ta grande clairvoyance, m’ont remplie de paix et de sérénité.  Christine Ta générosité et ta douceur sont contagieuses! Véronique


Catherine Bastedo  • info@visionreiki.com • 819-918-3436

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